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Possible Real World System Constructs.
Cosmic Ray Series

Animated wire-frame Polyhedron display, complete with duals and double precision angles to the polygons. Also technical program description and 75 pictures.

Just one thing, thats still outstanding.
This is a collection of PostScript files from the Computing Science Technical Report series of organization 1127 of AT&T Bell Laboratories
report Comp. Sci. Tech. Rep. No. 130
author Andrew Hume
title Exact Descriptions of Regular and Semi-Regular Polyhedra and Their Duals
date November 1986
tm TM 11276-861022-09
type techreport

Just two programs ready to run.
1. kaleido.exe (MSDOS) 86KB (see Zip)
2. schwarz.exe (MSDOS) 27KB (see Zip)

Just one description of two programs, that do just one thing, better than the next best thing.
uniform.pdf (Adobe) 676KB (see Zip)

Big Bertha Thing windows

On the Windows of King's College Remaining Boarded.

Loquitur Discipulus Esuriens.

Professors, in your plan there seems A something not quite right, 'Tis queer to cherish learning's beams, By shutting out the light.
While thus we see your windows block'd, If nobody complains; Yet everybody must be shock'd, To see you don't take pains.
And tell me why should bodily Succumb to mental meat? Or why should Be all the pie we eat?
No helluo liborum I, No literary glutton, Would veal with Virgil like to try, With metaphysics, mutton.
Leave us no longer in the lurch, With Romans, Greeks, and Hindoos; But give us beef as well as birch, And board us - not your windows.

From the book
The Ingoldsby Legends
by the Rev. Richard H. Barham
Published by Richard Edward King,
88 Curtain Road,
London E.C.
Barbara Death
From Aunt Emma
March 6th 1921
NB (2008)
A computer program, called kaleido (cf. [Ha]) and
publicly available at, 
has been developed to compute the data of a uniform
polyhedron (and its dual)...

Kaleido is also capable of computing the vertex and 
face coordinates and displaying a rotating wire-frame
image of each polyhedron.

Two quotes from following attribution:-
Uniform Solution for Uniform Polyhedra*
Zvi Har’El
Department of Mathematics
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000, Israel

* In memoriam of my father, Gershon Har’El, who introduced me to spatial structures.
Geometriae Dedicata 47: 57-110, 1993.