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From: "Tony Lance" 
Date: Aug 25 2001, 8:56 pm
Subject: Big Bertha Thing galios

Big Bertha Thing galios (see at end)

Big Bertha Thing today

Gannett publisher of USA Today

In The Times of 11th December 1999, was an article on the hostile
takeover bid from Gannett, for "News Communications & Media (NEWSCOM),
whose titles include South Wales Argus and Southern Daily Echo."
NEWSCOM has a value of 307 million pounds sterling.

"Earlier this year Gannett acquired NEWSQUEST, Britain's biggest
regional and local newspaper group for 900 million pounds sterling."

At the same time as the events in the article, owned by
Gannett was playing the heavy, with the working stiff who owns, to an or else deadline of 15th December 1999.

Some clear legal thinking needs to be done;-
1. No virtual property should be transfered without written contract.
2. No meeting of minds, no contract.
3. No consideration, no contract.
4. There can be no contract under duress.
5. Cybersquatter law not yet enacted.
6. .ORG not covered by this law.
7. .ORG is non-commercial.
8. .COM is non-profit.
9. Usenet newsgroup (also infringing trademark)
   is quite popular.
10. Press releases are posted, by to
11. .GOV is Uncle Sam.
12. Gannetts are used to catch fish, with a noose round the neck,
    to stop them swallowing.

Thank you,
Tony Lance

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Big Bertha Thing galios

Nobody understood a thing he said, when he was alive.
After he was dead, they decided that he had done a good job.
The Galios Theory branch of mathematics bears his name.
Now they are trying to teach me, what he did in the first place.
Do you think that the penny will drop, before it becomes posthumous?

Tony Lance

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