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Two drawings of a Gyroscopic Top complete with coil.

Extract from Introductory Chapter;-
The fact is that the toe is magnetic, and this being the case
it is easy to see that the rolling of the toe on the side
of the metal produces the motion. But Figs. XV. (a) and (b)
illustrate a top, whose spindle behaves in exactly the same
manner as the toe of the spider top, and yet is in no way magnetic.
The action is purely mechanical, as we shall explain in later pages.
It is an attractive top to watch, especially as it rushes round
the corner when it comes to the end of thecoil.

From the book
An Elementary Treatment of the Theory of
Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion.
By Harold Crabtree M.A.
Formerly Scholar of Pembroke College, Cambridge
Assistant Master at Charterhouse
Longmans, Green and Co. 1923
First Edition 1909
Second Edition 1914
New Impression 1923
(C) Copyright Tony Lance 1998
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Big Bertha Thing fiction

Anything but a fact, changes the face of twentieth century science.
 9. Gyroscopic Top motion along coil masks a weaker field effect.

The Japanese antigravity experiment only worked one way.
With the object spinning one way OK, but the other way failed.
Anything but a fact...
10. One way gravity reduced and other way gravity increased,
    so is bi-polar field effect.
11. No antigravity, which is not bi-polar, so contradicts
    bi-polar field effect.

Wave Particle Duality Paradox two slit interference patterns
can be disrupted by;-
 1. Passive sensor near 2nd slit.
 2. Turning room light on.
Anything but a fact...
12. LCD digital watch, without backlight, near 2nd slit.
13. Thicker wall between slits.

Redshift is both speedometer and tape measure.
According to redshift speedo, the universe has a go faster
stripe painted on the outside.
Anything but a fact...
14. No Big Bang, which needs go faster stripe on the inside
or antigravity.
15. No redshift speedo due to Steady State, which needs
neither to have go faster stripe.

Wave Particle Duality needs 1 slit and 2 slit experiments
to give different results from same effect. Make the walls
inside and outside the slits the same size and centre of
Anything but a fact...
16. Centre of gravity is at slit in one, but not the other.
17. Equal forces act on the slit in one, but not the other.
18. Wave Particle Duality as a field effect gives different
results from same effect.

Tony Lance

Big Bertha Thing rim

News from the Asian Rim front.
 1. The basic mailing list has 2000 mailboxes. (two-way)
 2. The rate of increase is 400 mailboxes per 6 weeks.
 3. This gives 4000 mailboxes in 8 months time.
 4. The 4th Battle of Cyberspace began on 21st October 2002.
 5. There are 2000 new Yahoo mailboxes per 6 weeks. (one-way)
 6. Each one has a Big Bertha Thing posting inside it.
 7. These are not 2000 world-wide.
 8. They are not even 2000 in english.
 9. They are 2000 Asian Rim non-english.
10. The 8 months target is 10,000 Yahoo mailboxes closed.
11. The Big Bertha Thing web site shows that one field
      of interest is spam attack strategic studies.
12. In theory the first three battles were unwinnable too.
13. The targets of all these mailboxes are newsgroup users.
14. Off-topic postings for the benefit of newsgroups are
      considered to be on-topic.
15. Shi Tao got 10 years for email about China after Yahoo
      named him to them. (see http)

Big Bertha Thing SMTP

My paid email service provider (SP) is still a SMTP SP, but only just.
 1. An infraction happened in July 2005.
 2. The second infraction of the SMTP protocol began in September 2005.
 3. Prior to July 2005, a limit of 600 postings per day was set, for every
      5 mailboxes. (2004 AD)
 4. 500 posting per hour was also set, which gives an average of 100 per mailbox.
 5. Any postings exceeding these limits were not sent.
 6. Notification of all email addresses not sent to, was sent to the mailbox.
 7. This was in full accordance with the official SMTP protocol.
 8. In July 2005, a posting was sent from 1 of the 5 mailboxes to another.
 9. The TO: mailbox filtered the FROM: mailbox posting and it was not sent,
      neither were the copies. (Fixed July)
10. No notification of the email addresses not sent to, was sent to the mailbox.
11. Previously the same posting worked normally as per SMTP.
12. In September 2005, all outgoing emails were filtered by subject line and
      not sent. (Fixed October) See error message below.
13. No notification of the email addresses not sent to, was sent to the mailbox.
14. There appears to be two incompatible pieces of software, one of which does
      not comply with the SMTP protocol.
15. These two lack of notifications invalidate the whole purpose of the SMTP

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Big Bertha Thing german

Warning on the The Rosary for the Holy Souls in Purgatory book, by Susan Tassone.
(Warning on the Pray the Rosary booklet by
 1. This supports a meditation for each Hail Mary.
 2. This excludes 3 minutes meditation on each decade.
 3. The Simple Prayer Book by CTS gives 10 straight Hail Marys.
 4. The CTS version fulfills most requirements for a Plenary Indulgence.
 5. This Indulgence can get a Holy Soul out of Purgatory.
 6. St. Dominic taught 10 straight Hail Marys.
 7. St. Louis-Marie de Montfort taught 10 straight Hail Marys.
 8. How can a book for Holy Souls not mention Plenary Indulgences?
 9. St. Bernadette of Lourdes would not remember 200 meditations.
10. The Legion of Mary has issued warnings about the meditation for each
      Hail Mary version.
11. This false version has been called the German Rosary.
12. It had an appalling effect on the rosary in Germany.
13. There is no Plenary Indulgence on this false version.
14. The sponsers have a devotion to Padre Pio.
15. Can they quote Padre Pio as being in favour of a meditation for each
      Hail Mary?

Thank you,
Tony Lance