Big Bertha Thing Retrenchment (File ZIP 645K)

301 files concluding the two battles of cyberspace.
(Third of the battle, faculty triology)

Students Research Faculty (SRF conference prefix) First Aid Tent (FAT project prefix on SRF conference)
1. Existence 2. Zero interference 3. Foundation (Students, tutors or funding) 4. Articles (See Armistice terms) 5. Publications (See overview) 6. Projects (Pastures, Moisture, Big Bertha, Strategic Studies) 7. Staff (First Aid Tent, volunteers, moderators) 8. Access None. 9. SRF Classical Astronomy (empty) deleted 10. SRF Net Access Policy (empty) deleted 11. SRF Los Alamos (restricted access.) deleted 12. SRF Big Bertha (Staff entrance) deleted 13. SRF Strategic Studies (FAT Net Access Policy) deleted 14. SRF Specification (FAT Classical Astronomy) deleted 15. SRF Mathematics (FAT CAT) deleted 16. SRF Prototype (FAT Yesterslaggings) deleted 17. SRF Yesterslaggings (Deleted) 18. OUSA Classical Particle (FAT First Aid Tent) deleted 19. OUSA Research (battle, faculty, retrenchment & 20 family jewels)
I 45 day expiry mailboxes. (See SRF Yesterslaggings, FAT CAT, FAT Yesterslaggings) II SRF Los Alamos (See retrenchment) III OUSA Classical Particle (See faculty) IV Rest of SRF deleted conferences. (See faculty, retrenchment) V 20 family jewels, poem, battle, faculty, retrenchment. (See OUSA Research 14th Nov.97 to 1st Nov.98) VI 20 family jewels. (See battle, faculty, retrenchment) VII To the victor the spoils of the 1st and 2nd battles of cyberspace; the 20 family jewels and the potential CD Rom triology battle, faculty and retrenchment. VIII OUSA Research now empty. (See

Big Bertha Thing deleted

Now are all men deleted equal, from the high to the low.
There is no distinction between newbies, spammers,
spam busters, victims and tenure.
There is no wrath in the deletion of the dullard, 
the sound bite or the sounding cymbal.
Magna Carta is writ large on a world stage.
This truly is the beginning of the end of spam.