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After 15 months, an armistice term has just been fullfilled.(2nd Battle)
Student research project conferences, by invitation only, now available.

Battles without cost are not battles.
I have just had the following shot out from under me:-
1. (disabled)
2. Paid UK ISP Net Direct. (15 months)
3. Professional newsgroup SP (3 months)

To the victor the spoils. See my new newsgroup review
section, complete with copyright.

Big Bertha Thing memoriam

Tony died raising his best friends family,
His wife needed two helpers, his poor heart and him.
Carer, postman, welder and domino player.
RAF aircraft fitter at Battle of Britain and El Alamain.
Outboxed a voortrecker at middleweight.
Raised trade union branch president and
National officer of voluntary .org
Taught me to keep the faith,
Mend my bicycle and trigonometry.
His story is ended, but not yet finished.

NB (2008)
  'The Air Force have been magnificent all through. 
We should never have got through the wadis except for their help. 
They laid what Tedder calls a carpet for us; all day, 
over and over again they came down to ground level ahead of us, 
shooting up everything they saw resisting the advance, 
and bombing all the anti-tank positions. It was magnificent, 
but it was very costly to them because the Germans have plenty of light flak. 
Over and over again in the last few days 
we have found crashed Hurricanes and Kittihawks in our advance, 
scores of them, some with the body of the pilot still in the seat. 
The Germans are resisting desperately; 
if we get through to Tunis it will be because 
of what these Air Force boys are doing to prepare the ground ahead of us 
and their self-sacrifice.'
Quote from fictional letter by Brigadier Carter-Hayes, 
who had just died in Tunisia, about El Alamain.

From the book Pastoral by Nevil Shute
Published by Heinemann in 1944