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Big Bertha Thing positron
Cosmic Ray Series
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Round photographic plates.

Another pair of tracks, arising simultaneously,
from a common point. The two particles responsible,
for these tracks, produce equal specific ionizations.
The one leaving the track of greater curvature is an electron
of 27 MeV energy. The one leaving the track of smaller curvature
was apparently left, by a particle not then known to exist,
a particle identical with the electron,
except that it carries a positive charge. It is a 450 MeV positron.

From a book by
J.D.Stranathan Ph.D.,
Professor of Physics and Chairman of
Department, University of Kansas.
The "Particles" of Modern Physics.
(C) Copyright The Blakston Co. 1942

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Big Bertha Thing Probe-B

In the Sunday Telegraph of 11th April 2004, the QED section, gave the story of
the Gravity Probe-B satellite launch. This is expected to prove the existence of
a new force of nature, proposed by Einstein.

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There are one or two problems with this:-
 1. Einstein never proposed this new force of nature. (Funding canard)
 2. It is a magnetic force directly proportional to angular momentum. (Memomagnetism)
 3. It is weak at Newtonian speeds and strong at near light speeds.
 4. The big three in gyroscopes are Einstein, Professor Francis Everitt of
      Stanford University and Harold Crabtree M.A.
 5. One wrote the definitive book on the subject and the other two read it.
 6. The relevant extract from the book is given below. (Spider published 4th March 1998)
 7. They do not credit the costermonger, with the definitive experiment,
      which proves the existence of the new force of nature.
 8. They do not accept that the novelty item was a valid experiment.
 9. They believe that the spider wheel was magnetized.
10. The costermonger did not magnetize the spider wheel, he exploited a force of nature.
11. The costermonger discovered, applied and sold the first working application.
12. There is an eye-witness account from 1850 by the author, which kindled his
      life-long interest.
13. The description was published in 1909, in the same book.
14. The force of nature has been missing for 150 years, since its discovery.
15. The first modern publication on the subject is spider, on 4th March 1998. (Usenet)
16. Attribution and due credit are two of the failings of modern science.

Big Bertha Thing spider  
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
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Drawing of a clockwork spider wheel and hairpin.

Extract from Introductory Chapter;-
The "Spider tops," which are frequently sold in the streets of London,
consist of a heavy little disc mounted on a spindle (Fig. XIV.).
When the disc has been set spinning a small curved piece of
metal is placed to touch the toe, and at once begins to slide round it,
first the side (a) in the figure, and then the side (b),
the motion continuing backwards and forwards till the top comes to rest.
The fact is that the toe is magnetic, and this being the case it is easy
to see that the rolling of the toe on the side of the metal produces
the motion.

From the book
An Elementary Treatment of the Theory of
Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion.
By Harold Crabtree M.A.
Formerly Scholar of Pembroke College, Cambridge
Assistant Master at Charterhouse
Longmans, Green and Co. 1923
First Edition 1909
Second Edition 1914
New Impression 1923
(C) Copyright Tony Lance 1998
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Big Bertha Thing fact

Anything but a fact, changes the face of twentieth century science.
1. No iron moons and planetary cores.
2. No red shift measure of speed.
3. No Patrick Moore star at 95% the speed of light.
4. Muons arrive on earth.
5. Relativity is like an imaginary number; useful but not real.
6. Einstein-Haas gives a field strength 1/10000th the electric field.
7. Wave particle duality is a field effect.
8. Schroedinger is an approximation.

Who has the wit to check the fact?