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Outlandish Particle Periodic Tables

Particle Model This is not mainstream, such as the Standard Model, but is fringe science with only one supporter. It is a table tennis ball, with a pattern on it. The pattern is symmetrical to polyhedron models of the Platonic, Archimedian Solids and Regular Polyhedrons. Only the three, four and six sided polygons are used. The mass is taken to be directly proportional to the number of polka-dots, on each polygon. Equilateral triangle total is given by summation N. Where N is the number of polka-dots on the bottom line. (photons) With this symmetry, the dimensions of each particle are fixed, mass can be calculated and a classification system imposed. The particle is a double-sided hairy ping pong ball and the electron is umbrella shaped. Whether it is up or down give the positive or negative charge. One prediction that this gives is that there is a shortage of anti-matter. Another is that Leptons and Quarks are particle debri.
Photons in Electron Outlandish (Pair17th) 26th Sep 2017 1505104141649104153 Outlandish (Pair16th) 16th Sept 2017 451246523481695970 Outlandish (Pair15th) 9th Sept 2017 150150064744235746 Outlandish (Pair14th) 3rd Sept 2017 44999866650098790 Outlandish (Pair13th) 26th Aug 2017 15006999642801816 Outlandish (Pair12th) 14th August 2017 4512265495546746 Outlandish (Pair11th) 7th August 2017 1500874114472578 Outlandish Classified 10th July 2017 449938097129016 Outlandish (Pair10th) 31st January 2017 199999150000903 Outlandish (mock2nd) 27th May 2016 150059128069081 Outlandish (Pair9th) 12th May 2016 150059128069081 Outlandish (Pair8th) 5th May 2016 50014266017451 Outlandish (Pair7th) 28th April 2016 15117155267451 Outlandish (Pair6th) 21st April 2016 4509147143628 Outlandish XV (Pair5th) 15th April 2016 1524929410920 Outlandish XIV (Pair4th) 7th April 2016 451309376953 Outlandish XIII (WIP3rd) 26th March 2016 149662761171 Outlandish XII (WIP) 26th October 2015 50084384265 Outlandish (mock1st) 27th June 2014 15989995035 Outlandish X 5th January 2012 8714310153 Username: overland Password: spirebell Outlandish IX 19th December 2009 3224486665 Username: outlandish Password: spirebell Outlandish VIII 30th December 2008 1075482631 Outlandish VII 16th July 2008 700446306 Outlandish VI 5th January 2007 227879226 Outlandish V 16th January 2004 227879226 Outlandish IV 29th April 2003 227879226 Outlandish III 27th December 2001 227879226 Outlandish II 2nd December 2001 227879226 Outlandish I 14th October 1997 227879226
Three Equations III An equilateral triangle has a mass of sumation N, which is equal to (N * N + N)/2, where N=1,2,3,... This is collapsed lattice counting, where mass = 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21,... VI A six sided regular polygon has a mass of 1 + 6 * (N * N + N)/2, where mass = 7, 19, 37, 61, 91, 127,... IV Given a square of sides N, it has a mass of N * int(2 * N/sqrt(3)) - int(N/sqrt(3)), where N=8, 9, 10,... For N=1, 2, 3,...,7 mass = N * N. The main series has mass = 68, 85, 105,.. All 10 structures in todate are combinations of these three equations.
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