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Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs

Detail from painting of captive musketeers.

Porthos took hold of a bar (foot rail) with both hands

From the book
Twenty Years After
by Alexandre Dumas
Published by George G.Harrup & Co.Ltd., 1923
Reprinted 1929
(C) Copyright Tony Lance 1998
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Big Bertha Thing poem

Some Days, Then Some

by Tony Lance

I've had better days, he thought and said. When I could get my sorry butt out of bed. When I wasn't mistook for as good as dead. When they didn't fill my boots with all that lead.
There are days sometimes, of sunshine on my head. Windswept shores viewed from along a beachy-head. Carefree larks, in a clearly blue sky, over-head. Then of course, I became a headmaster, the old man said.