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Big Bertha Thing memoriam (see at end)

Big Bertha Thing NASA

Big Bertha Thing NASA II

Hi James, Further to your above link, you have missed one or two sub-plots:- 1. Case documentation has been published on my web site. 2. My nbci web site has been closed. 3. You did not do this. 4. The opposition did it. (3rd Battle of Cyberspace) 5. You do not believe the opposition exists. 6. All Big Bertha Thing postings on Saturday had the same prefix. 7. NASA would tell you to shut up. 8. Thank you for calling me Tony. 9. There is no problem my end. 10. A rocket scientist counts double. Thank you, Tony Lance Big Bertha Thing redoubt Cosmic Ray Series Possible Real World System Constructs (disabled) (disabled) Access page to 600K ZIP file Astrophysics net ring access site Newsgroup Reviews including sci.math Postings potentially suitable for;- 1. SRF Classical Astronomy 2. SRF Classical Mathematics 3. SRF Classical Physics 4. SRF Classical Chemistry After 15 months, an armistice term has just been fullfilled.(2nd Battle) Student research project conferences, by invitation only, now available. Battles without cost are not battles. I have just had the following shot out from under me:- 1. (disabled) 2. Paid UK ISP Net Direct. (15 months) 3. Professional newsgroup SP (3 months) To the victor the spoils. See my new newsgroup review section, complete with copyright. Big Bertha Thing memoriam Tony died raising his best friends family, His wife needed two helpers, his poor heart and him. Carer, postman, welder and domino player. RAF aircraft fitter at Battle of Britain and El Alamain. Outboxed a voortrecker at middleweight. Raised trade union branch president and National officer of voluntary .org Taught me to keep the faith, Mend my bicycle and trigonometry. His story is ended, but not yet finished. Tony Lance