Big Bertha Thing NASA II

Hi James,
Further to your above link, you have missed one or two sub-plots:-
 1. Case documentation has been published on my web site.
 2. My nbci web site has been closed.
 3. You did not do this.
 4. The opposition did it. (3rd Battle of Cyberspace)
 5. You do not believe the opposition exists.
 6. All Big Bertha Thing postings on that Saturday had the same prefix.
 7. NASA would tell you to shut up.
 8. Thank you for calling me Tony.
 9. There is no problem my end.
10. A rocket scientist counts double.
11. John Prescott, Minister of the Crown counts double.
12. Ken Livingstone, Mayor of Greater London counts double.
13. Both have appointed directors to LPFA. (see mayor)
14. Pensions Ombudsman's judgements cannot be enforced on these directors.
15. Magna Carta does not apply; they are above the law.
16. It is feudal personal political patronage; all opticians to a man.
Thank you,
Tony Lance

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