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Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs

Drawing of model of track on the bottom monorail.

Model exhibited before the Royal Society, May 8, 1907.

Extract from Chapter V;-
72. The gyroscope has been employed by Mr. Louis Brennan with striking ingenuity and success, to ensure the stability of a heavy car travelling on a single line of rail, with its centre of gravity above the level of the rail, as is seen in the accompanying illustrations....

A full description of the mechanism, with a mathematical discussion on the subject, is given by Mr. H. Cousins in the issue of Engineering for Nov. 21st, 1913, and following numbers.

From the book
An Elementary Treatment of the Theory of
Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion.
By Harold Crabtree M.A.
Formerly Scholar of Pembroke College, Cambridge
Assistant Master at Charterhouse
Longmans, Green and Co. 1923
First Edition 1909
Second Edition 1914
New Impression 1923
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