Big Bertha Thing hacked (File ZIP 15K)

3rd Battle of Cyberspace causes site closure and hack by provider

Big Bertha Thing hacked

I can perhaps make a unique claim. My Fortunecity web site has been closed, opened, hacked and disabled by Fortunecity.

1. 30th October 2000 Closed
2. 30th December 2000 Opened
3. 31st December 2000 Hacked
4. 1st January 2001 Net ring code deleted

My Astrophysics web ring picture was replaced by a Fortunecity logo. All I did was fight the third battle of cyberspace, using my FC mailbox, amongst others and a mail to newsgroups gateway.

It was a text only battle, no hacking or even anonymous mail was used. Site references were used instead of attachments.
Thank you,
Tony Lance

Big Bertha Thing reason

1. Third Battle of Cyberspace.
2. Death Threats.(3)
3. Newsgroup Review.
4. Odd newsgroup users with 1000 postings.
5. Berserker attacks on legitimate postings to sci.astro et al.
6. Political and totally innexplicable.
7. Net Newbie basket cases.
8. Violent spam busters.
9. Abuse complaints procedure.
10. Web site closure.

Take your pick, the opposition will not give you the choice.