Big Bertha Thing gamma (Image JPG 81K)
Cosmic Ray Series

Round photographic plates.

A photograph of the tracks of electrons, ejected by the gamma rays from radium, after these had been filtered, through 2.5 cm. of steel. Some of the electrons have energies of 1 MeV. The photograph was taken, with a magnetic field of 12,000 oersteds.

From a book by
J.D.Stranathan Ph.D.,
Professor of Physics and Chairman of
Department, University of Kansas.
The "Particles" of Modern Physics.
(C) Copyright The Blakston Co. 1942

Big Bertha Thing effort

If you see someone slogging away, but doing it all wrong. Please remember, a great effort, with no results, is worth more than a great result with no effort. The first is purchased at great cost and the latter, in terms of cost, is worthless.

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