Big Bertha Thing filter II

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From: Tony Lance 
Date: May 26 2005, 3:54 pm
Subject: Big Bertha Thing blogs
To:, sci.math

Big Bertha Thing Faculty
(Sequel to battle)
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
Access page 600K ZIP file
Astrophysics net ring Access site
Newsgroup Reviews including

301 files from the second battle of cyberspace.

Students Research Faculty

 1. Existence
 2. Zero interference
 3. Foundation (Students, tutors or funding)
 4. Articles (See Armistice terms)
 5. Publications (See overview)
 6. Projects (Pastures, Moisture, Big Bertha, Strategic Studies)
 7. Staff (First Aid Tent, volunteers, moderators)
 8. Access (All user or staff only.)
 9. SRF Classical Astronomy (see OUSA Research, All user)
10. SRF Net Access Policy (See OUSA Research, All user)
11. SRF Los Alamos (see Armistice terms, OUSA Research, restricted access.)
12. SRF Big Bertha (See SRF Los Alamos, staff only.)
13. SRF Strategic Studies (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
14. SRF Specification       (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
15. SRF Mathematics       (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
16. SRF Prototype            (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
17. SRF Yesterslaggings (SRF Net Access Policy, all user)
18. OUSA Classical Particle (OUSA Research, All user)

Big Bertha Thing galios

Nobody understood a thing he said, when he was alive.
After he was dead, they decided that he had done a good job.
The Galios Theory branch of mathematics bears his name.
Now they are trying to teach me, what he did in the first place.
Do you think that the penny will drop, before it becomes posthumous?

Tony Lance

Big Bertha Thing filter

On sci.astro I just had a look at Xnews killfile.(14/7/01)
There are one or two problems.
 1. Free NNTP server access is a Warez activity.
 2. PGP probably has a CIA back door.
 3. Bertha subject filter will be valid for the duration.
 4. suggests killfile needs to be too big.
 5. 301 files most wanted list is represented by precious few.
 6. Killfile is part of the problem, not the solution.
 7. advocates invitation only filter.
 8. regrets the victims whose innocent postings are deleted.
 9. Xnews is free and written by Luu Tran. (
10. Filter is two-edged sword. (censorship and persecution)
11. Linux type collaboration is worst case scenario.
12. For solution see Big Bertha Thing format,as follows:-
Thank you,
Tony Lance

RPN Scientific Calculator Software
JKCalc Reverse Polish Notation scientific calculator,
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Big Bertha Thing archive

When is an archive not an archive?
When they let the book-burners in.
1. Google took over Dejanews newsgroups usenet archive of 17 years.
2. From day one, no cross-postings were allowed. (One newsgroups only.)
3. OU lecturer refuses to read any posting to more than two newsgroups.
4. Now Google have added a book-burner option, to any newsgroup postings
     found. (Abuse button)
5. Drexel recently took over maths newsgroups archive.
6. This was complete with on-site moderated replies, to maths postings.
7. They then replaced moderator with a book-burner.
8. All Big Bertha Thing postings linked to by my site were deleted,
     bar one. (Some were moderated replies.)
9. This one is 800 line table, which was truncated, without full table option.
10. Retroactive archive deletions fail to take into account, recent postings
      ennumerating corporate USA denial of service attacks on newsgroup
      users, which were on topic.