Big Bertha Thing filter

On sci.astro I just had a look at Xnews killfile.(14/7/01)
There are one or two problems.
 1. Free NNTP server access is a Warez activity.
 2. PGP probably has a CIA back door.
 3. Bertha subject filter will be valid for the duration.
 4. suggests killfile needs to be too big.
 5. 301 files most wanted list is represented by precious few.
 6. Killfile is part of the problem, not the solution.
 7. advocates invitation only filter.
 8. regrets the victims whose innocent postings are deleted.
 9. Xnews is free and written by Luu Tran. (
10. Filter is two-edged sword. (censorship and persecution)
11. Linux type collaboration is worst case scenario.
12. For solution see Big Bertha Thing format. 

Thank you,
Tony Lance

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