From: Tony Lance
Subject: Re: Big Bertha Thing blogs
Date: Jan 06 2007, 15:55 pm 

Big Bertha Thing virus

18th October 1999
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the Keyboard.drv, but Windows is still down.
The new messages are;
1. Clock General Protection Fault in gdi.exe (system)
2. Progman        Ditto          krnl386.exe (system)
Clock.exe see windows. Progman.exe see windows.
The two options seem to be, to try another four files
for windows 3.11 or save up and update PC. (130 pounds)
They have a nice 486DX66 16MB 270MB hard-drive 14" SVGA
and win 95, at the same place I bought the 386PC. It
is four times faster too. My biggest program takes 7 hours
on standard IBM PC, 90 minutes on 386 and 20 minutes on
486DX, which has a built in maths co-processor.
My DOS browser can read newsgroups, send/receive e-mail, browse
web, but not receive attachments, look up my own site or
update it.
Keyboard.drv worked, but closed down every app in windows,
so there was no way out. Clever that. The scrub round was
in the book, for bypassing emm386. Wait till boot up gets
to MSDOS loading and press F8. Step through Config.sys
line-by-line with y answer. It then goes through autoexec.bat
to last line of win. N answer drops you out to DOS prompt.
Strange to say I can still work on my science maths project
using Fortran 77 in DOS. Apps down with windows are Free Agent,
WS-ftple, Winzip, F-Prot, Anyware Virus, Chekmate Virus, FirstClass
It looks like I picked up a macro virus off a wordperfect attachment
from e-mail of a guy in newsgroup. Three virus apps missed it.
It is visible in notepad view of file after saving with write.exe.
Isolate 386 and do not update site.
You might check that my site is still up, by the back door and let me
know the count.
It could not have happened to a nicer chap.
Thank you,
Tony Lance
Big Bertha Thing designer
Once there was Big Blue, Baby Bell and Pax IBM.
Now ther is Big Bertha, Baby Bill and Pax Microsoft.
1980 The Greater London Council, Central Computer Service installation
standards for IBM mainframe had standard date subroutines as mandatory.
1980 No standards for Prime minicomputer, so date subroutine for program
was written to be  2075 OK, by me.
All IBM customers and suppliers applied IBM standards. Enforcement of these
standards means that the following instances can only be designer
software obsolescence.(Smoking Gun features.)
1.  First PC operating system DOS was written 1980 (IBM/Microsoft) No 2000
2.  Next PC operating system MS-DOS (Microsoft) No 2000
3.  Windows 95 enabled macro virus (Microsoft) admitted
4.  Windows 95 macro virus written by Microsoft.(admitted)
5.  Windows 95 macro virus released by Microsoft.(admitted)
6.  Windows 98 enabled text virus (Microsoft) admitted
7.  Windows 98 no product recall, fix is on  Microsoft website only.
8.  Windows 98 to release virus just say it exists and fix is on website.
9.  1997 MS-DOS 6.20 licensed copy sold for Microsoft with no 2000.
10. 1999 Windows 3.11 virus closes all applications leaving no exit.
Big Bertha Thing history
1st virus was boot sector virus, which was first sector of floppy disc or
start here sector.
2nd virus was program virus, which is enabled with on/off switch, by
operating system as primary function thereoff.(exe, sys, com)
3rd virus was macro virus, which is enabled with on/off switch, by
wordprocessor or other application software.(doc)
4th virus was zip virus, which is enabled with on/off switch, by
zip application software.(zip)
5th virus was text virus, which is enabled with on/off switch, by
operating system as a purely viral function, otherwise uneccessary.(txt)
Since 1980 the text virus has been impossible. 18 years to crack it, with
Windows 98 by Microsoft.
42 million Windows 3.xx users.
12 million e-mail only users.
Windows 95 not known.
Windows 98 not known.

Tony Lance