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Date: 28 Feb 2006, 15:08
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Gamma Ray Bursters

 01 feb 2000
 Greg Goebel
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Big Bertha Thing publication

The statistics for Big Bertha Thing postings published
on sci.astro are as follows:-

20 No. 50K primary postings   (out of 26)
 2 No. 600K    ditto          (out of 4)
12 No. off-topic postings     (out of 200)
 4 No. 50K secondary postings (out of 26)
20 No. 4K      ditto          (out of 26)
20 No. 2K      ditto          (out of 26)
24 No. astronomical postings  (out of 2000)

There was almost zero response to the above, which were
spread over 28 days, at the rate of two days per week.

Book-burners deleted the archive of Net Access Policy
postings prior to 2nd November 1998.Bertha saved those,
with the exception of replies and published 12.

The above were also posted to the Onenet conference
Astronomy & Space. Here days 18, 19, 20, were minimal
keep-off-the-grass days and on days 27 and 28 they
broke ranks. The on-topic filibuster of sound-bite
journalism ended, at 42 days old.
(The beginning of the end of spam.)
Thank you,
Tony Lance

Big Bertha Thing debit

UK big banks have now made debit cards mandatory.
1. Every cheque book has a debit card.
2. You do not sign agreement for debit card.
3. Lost or stolen cards must be cancelled.
4. Insure debit cards for 1000 pounds sterling.
5. For every 8 pounds loss charged to the customer, the bank can
   lend 92 pounds. (Multiplier)
6. Cheque guarantee card included.
7. Cash Card included.
8. Phantom withdrawals included.
9. 50 pounds cashback at supermarkets.
10. 250 pounds 'Hole-in-the-wall' withdrawals.
11. 100 pounds Post Office and bank withdrawals.
12. How do you prove that you have cut the card up and disposed of it?
13. How do you prove that you did not use it before destruction?
14. Cut the card up and give to your solicitor or third party for
    safe-keeping. (Escrow)
15. The survival of the banks depends on putting customers to the
    sword. (Barbaric) Obviously not all customers, just enough.
16. Unauthorized access to debit card accounts, includes both
    criminals and bank insiders, which seem to be synonymous.
17. Authorized access to debit card accounts, includes bank
    insiders, grazing on the customers like milk cows, in their
    official capacity, as per job description.
18. You no longer need to prove this in a court of law, since it is
    endemic and ubiquitous. (Common knowledge) Case law sufficient
    for class action.