Big Bertha Thing cribsheets 

How to take a planetarium picture. (stills) 
How to make a planetarium stills movie. (see last half below)

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The four computer Star Globes:-

I Mysky Interactive Planetarium and solar system BC (Julian days) II Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe PC CD-ROM (Duration of event) by Dorling Kindersley 2007 (Free from Dail Mail) III Solar system view of event AD IV Free Download Stellarium Home Planetarium (39MB EXE file) Beta Test version without liability, sometimes needs three exits:- i Software - Quit ii Computer - CTRL ALT DEL (Hold two down and press the other.) iii Electricity - Switch off at wall. (Been there, done that, used all three! Dec. 2008) Stellarium Beta Test Version personal crib sheet (Update I) Year change - use copy and paste. (CTRL C, CTRL V) Month and Day change - use configuration, save options and quit. Fourth exit - enable Task Manager, in Windows XP. Use Window, instead of full screen. 2450 BC has to use -2449. Two sites used in Outlandish Astronomical Tables (Beijing, China and London, United Kingdom) Picture Album of 23 All Planet Events and Pluto. (See two link below) Quit after every event. (stills and cribsheet) (the movie) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A Movie Cribsheet 100 day events 1 still shot per day (starshot) 2 seconds per still rate 145% zoom (Irfan) 1024 x 768 picture size vertical flip (Irfan) Irfan free picture software Batch conversion of 100 pictures (Irfan) Cut top right hand corner off (MSPaint) CTRL S Starshots (Stellarium) Story Board for every 10 days (stills) note:- 1. 1st planet 2. last planet 3. zoom or no zoom space 4. Date and time of period start 5. Date and time of period end 6. Day one note time Pluto due south. Set location London UK Set screen to present time Save all options Set up 1st shot at time and date of event start Move time forward to time Pluto is due south Find Pluto and drag it to original place. (Search displaces and centres) Move time back to start time Check shot is within bottom left corner (2 thirds height and width for 145%) Take shot and zoom or take shot and move forward a day Shoot finishes with shot of last day of the event Drag and drop all pictures into new folder (starshots) Copy all pictures to another new folder called movie Batch convert all pictures in movie folder (145% resize, format BMP and vertical flip) Open each picture from movie in MSPaint Click bottom left hand side rectangle Click bottom slider on right and right slider at bottom Move curser to bottom right hand corner of picture drag holding left click till picture size is 1024 x 768 save picture in movie and repeat from open after all pictures done Batch convert all pictures in movie folder (vertical flip and over-write)) Pictures are ready to make into movie Make Start Titles Make end credits save to computer finishes movie process Upload to YouTube by Tony Lance 9th February 2009