Big Bertha Thing chronicles

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Big Bertha Thing Faculty
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Students Research Faculty

 1. Existence
 2. Zero interference
 3. Foundation (Students, tutors or funding)
 4. Articles (See Armistice terms)
 5. Publications (See overview)
 6. Projects (Pastures, Moisture,Big Bertha, Strategic Studies)
 7. Staff (First Aid Tent, volunteers, moderators)
 8. Access (All user or staff only.)
 9. SRF Classical Astronomy (see OUSA Research, All user)
10. SRF Net Access Policy (See OUSA Research, All user)
11. SRF Los Alamos (see Armistice terms, OUSA Research, restricted access.)
12. SRF Big Bertha(See SRF Los Alamos, staff only.)
13. SRF Strategic Studies (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
14. SRF Specification       (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
15. SRF Mathematics       (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
16. SRF Prototype            (See SRF Big Bertha, staff only.)
17. SRF Yesterslaggings (SRF Net Access Policy, all user)
18. OUSA Classical Particle (OUSA Research, All user)

Big Bertha Thing galios

Nobody understood a thing he said, when he was alive.
After he was dead, they decided that he had done a good job.
The Galios Theory branch of mathematics bears his name.
Now they are trying to teach me, what he did in the first place.
Do you think that the penny will drop, before it becomes posthumous?

Tony Lance

Big Bertha Thing chronicles

Did you hear the one about the chinese historian, Wan Thing the Just,
also called Just Wan Thing?
1. He does not exist.
2. He is a contradiction in terms.
3. He is a student of mythology.
4. You cannot write history by enforcing it.
5. Unofficial history is not an executable offense.
6. The errors and omissions page is bigger than the book.
7. He is a storyteller of the chinese diaspora.
8. Politics makes poor history.
9. He is a bigger liar than I am.
10.The father of lies, wishes he had written it.
11.The ancient greeks had the decency to call it myths and legends.
12.It is a 6000 year long political diatribe.
13.He invented '1984 newspeak.'
14.His name is mandarin, princeling and warlord.