Big Bertha Thing Bertha

From: Tony Lance 
Newsgroups: swnet.sci.astro,
Subject: Re: Big Bertha Thing electron
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 18:01:54 +0100

Big Bertha Thing Bertha

First Big Bertha posting was to first aid tent 
in OUSA Classical Particle Conf., 
to provide aid and comfort to victims, 
who had been set upon by unnamed e-mail thugs.

There was no way to make direct contact, 
with shell shocked victim, so we tried Big Bertha. 
The trick worked and first victim is well again, 
after saying, "At last, a normal man!" 
Since then Big Bertha has developed a life of her own 
and actually caught some thugs in the act.

First posting consisted of two anecdotes effort and repairs, 
from Big Bertha Thing gamma and particle respectively. 
Effort was also the last assault rifle shot fired. 
Rollover and shotgun below, were the first Big Bertha 
sent in anger, with reply to all sender and copy to conf. 
Progress and anecdote forward was first cannon shot fired. 
Spider and fact(newsletter and readership for astronomy) 
was first landmine explosion, 
which was not even deployed on OUSA Astronomy. 

Big Bertha Thing apology(Rollover)

Please accept my apologies for troubling you. 
It will not of course be repeated. 
However 3 net surfers have responded 
to my call to help out on the Conf., by volunteering.

In emergency situations, needs must. 
You and your fellow net surfers number 3, I see. 
Net surfers have broad shoulders, 
thick skins and I trust, compassion. 

Big Bertha Thing shotgun

By way of light relief, a similar general apology, 
to the one above, would bring solace and comfort, 
to the victims of such well intentioned postings. 
Please put it in a Big Bertha and address to conf. 
That of course, would be the end of spam.