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Date: May 24 2004, 00:44 am

Big Bertha Thing progress
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The Progress of Discontent

by T. Warton
(Written at Oxford in 1746) 

From the book
Half-hours With the Best Authors
The "Chandos Classics"
Edited by Charles Knight
Published by Frederick Warne and Co. 1890 

Big Bertha Thing besides

Some people think that Big Bertha is less suitable for the 
OUSA Astronomy Conf., than for OUSA Classical Particle Conf. 
Have they heard the long name for CP Conf? 

High Energy Particle Physics Rock Hard Science With a Fringe 

They think that is a better place to put Big Bertha.
They must be besides themselves, which proves the thing. 

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Big Bertha Thing handcart

 1. Gardening section of Daily Telegraph, on Saturday
    17th November 2001, shows full front page spread
    picture of pin-wheel rickshaw.
 2. For another picture see;-
 3. Both show load perfectly distributed.
 4. Both are idealized pictures of a rickshaw that does
    not exist.
 5. A 19th century cheque-book journalist requested a
    picture of an unnusual rickshaw, which was promised
    for tomorrow.
 6. A portrait painter, a landscape artist and a 
    cartoonist submitted quotes, which the cartoonist won.
 7. A wheelborrow uses straight arm technology.
 8. In common with a handcart, the so called pin-wheel
    rickshaw, uses bent arm technology.
 9. It is physically impossible and so unviable.
10. This is a scientific cartoon, some work, some don't.

Thank you,
Tony Lance