Big Bertha Thing Battle (File ZIP 636K)

301 files from the first battle of cyberspace.

Big Bertha Thing battle

1. Do not fight.
2. Fight on ground of your own choosing.
3. Make sure you have got an edge.
4. Is it worth dying for?

Spam stands for:- Spleen Paucity Artless Monosylabic

It includes newbies, spammers, spam busters and even sometimes victim support. The only good spam is branded spam, which is more Sesame Street than Darth Vader.

To the victor the spoils, of the 1st Battle of Cyberspace.
(20 family jewels and the 301 files.)

This has been a serious exercise, under the auspices of the Pastures project, OUSA Classical Particle, in conjunction with OUSA Research.
Thank you,
Tony Lance

Big Bertha Thing farm

From Bibliography of Pastures.(Optional)
The preface from
An Elementary Treatment of Gyroscopes and Similar Spinning Tops
by Crabtree 1909

Classic Cartoon and animated cartoon of
Animal Farm 
by George Orwell