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Big Bertha Thing ME

There is no test for ME, no diagnosis.
It is just a process of elimination.
So a doctor, who does not believe
Is just as right as one who does.
Where does this leave the hot and tired,
Pole-axed, without a leg to stand on victim?
The incidental pain of disbelief
Is compounded by the length of the chain.
Each link forged by an unshakeable lack.
Cigarettes were once not linked to cancer.
CJD was not linked to mad cows.
Crack nicotine cigarettes not branded by makers.
Pity the child taken into care for being ill.
A taxi used less and less cannot be justified.
Cancel a taxi because there are no medical grounds.
Attendance at school is purely subjective,
It depends on how the child feels getting up.
A medical note can improve exam marks.
DHSS guidelines believe in ME, at last!

Complex numbers can solve all the roots of polynomials to N powers. Collapse numbers can count all the polka dots on any polygon exactly.